Go through our publications! At ENRS, we want to create a forum for exchange of opinions between historians, social studies scholars, and representatives of other disciplines engaged in memory studies. One of the ways of achieving this goal is by publishing our own annual journal "Remembrance and Solidarity Studies", as well as supporting external publications focused on remembrance and history of the 20th century in Europe.

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Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in 20th Century European History. Issue no. 4. The Memory of Economic Crisis.

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  • crisis
  • Great Crisis

The 4th issue – entitled “The memory of economic crisis” – focuses on depressions, recessions, shortages, and hyperinflation. These topics are not often a subject of memory studies, however memories of war and revolution often center on the economic experience of these events. Therefore, scholars look among others into Living in Warsaw under Hyperinflation in 1923 (by Izabela Mrzygłód), Parallels of Economic Business Cycles in Slovakia (by Ľudovít Hallon), Public Transportation in Budapest in 1945-46 (by Zsuzsa Frisnyák) and discuss The Possibility of Remembering Economic Crisis (by Łukasz Mańczyk).

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