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Brochures about the history of Slovakia 1939-1990

language: English, Slovak
  • Slovakia
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Czechoslovak Republic

The Nation’s Memory Institute in Slovakia in cooperation with European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has prepared a series of brochures regarding the history of Slovakia 1939-1990. The brochures can be especially useful for teachers and students and for all those who seek basic knowledge about the totalitarian regimes and their consequences in Slovakia. The authors – historians and researchers from the Nation’s Memory Institute – chose a simple yet attractive form of leaflets with archival photos to describe the reality of limitations of human rights and religious freedoms under the Nazi and Communist regimes in the general and international context of the past century. The brochures were published in English and in Slovak language versions. For the Slovak version, please visit http://www.upn.gov.sk/sk/informacne-letaky-pre-studentov/

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